28.09.2020 Euthanasia Bill being rushed through the Dáil

Euthanasia Bill being rushed through the Dáil

In a remarkably quick series of events, Gino Kenny TD announced this week that his Dying with Dignity Bill has been selected for a Second Stage debate and vote next Thursday, 1st October. This bill is a radical piece of legislation that will enable anyone who has a terminal illness to be euthanised and the person does not need to be near the end of their life to do so.  For example, it would be completely legal for a person with early stage dementia, or early stage heart disease to end their lives after receiving their diagnosis.

A brilliant contribution to the debate was made this week by a Canadian medical doctor who wrote to the Irish Times informing readers of the dramatic situation in Canada with regards to assisted suicide there. The number of people dying in this way has risen by 455% in just four years, to 5631 deaths in 2019.

It remains the case that palliative care doctors remain overwhelmingly opposed to the legalisation of euthanasia/assisted suicide, and their voices need to be heard in this debate. For information on this particular campaign, we recommend you sign up for updates from Hope Ireland.

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