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To: TDs – Dublin Fingal Constituency

Dear Deputy,
I send this email out of a deep and genuine concern about the Private Members’ Bill on euthanasia/assisted suicide that’s currently before the Dáil. As your constituent, I am asking you to speak and vote against this bill at Second Stage.

In every single country in which euthanasia/assisted suicide has been introduced, the number of people dying in this way has increased dramatically over time. In addition to the sheer numbers, these regimes have catastrophic consequences for older people and people with disabilities. Despite reassurances that it won’t happen, laws permitting euthanasia/assisted suicide make some of the most vulnerable people in society feel like they are a burden with a duty to end their lives.

It is frightening how little debate has taken place on the Private Members’ Bill before the Dáil and the consequences if it were to pass. Members of the Oireachtas have a serious responsibility to listen intently to expert medical opinion on the issue and to members of the public who are living with serious illnesses and are deeply troubled by the contents of this euthanasia bill, which is among the most extreme proposals on the issue anywhere in the world.

For a society deeply troubled with a problem of suicide and with older people already traumatised by the current pandemic it is inexcusable that we would spend parliamentary time debating assisted suicide. A decision to support this bill will add to the trauma on our airwaves at this time

I am calling on you as my local representative to vote against the Bill and not merely abstain. Please make your opposition publicly known beforehand.
Yours sincerely,

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